JKI “Truce, Vol. 1” Reviews

“JKI - Truce Vol. 1 - One of the most amazing guitarists/songwriters ever, Jordan Macarus leads his current trio in a 17-song tour de force. Fans of Eric Johnson, Blackmore, Steve Morse and even SRV will be enthralled at the variety, catchiness and kick ass quotient here, plus be taken by Jordan's deft touch and perceptive 6-string magic. Kevin Ashford Jr. (drums) & Isaiah Webb (bass) deliver a powerfully organic rhythm section and the thoughtful, socially intuitive lyrics are icing on the cake...” - (Ray Dorsey - Enlightened Chaos)

“Spectacular! Dynamic Tones! Intrinsic Social-Political Mind Expanding Lyrical Designs! Pure Re-Generation of True Rock & Roll's Crystalline 70's & early 80's Charismatic Music! Supreme Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocal, Articulating Performances, Recording, Producing, & Mastering! - this is my first take of your Elegant and Imaginative Truce: Volume 1 CD Album.” - (Bud Monaco; South Productions)

CFM Reviews

“CFM is Guitarist / Songwriter Jordan Macarus' Solo Project…Wide-ranging and genuinely winning…The music is a captivating musical mélange, interjecting blues and classic rock influences amid a foundation of high quality heartland-rock rhythms” - (Jeff Berkwits, Illinois Entertainer)

CFM “Face In The Mirror” Reviews

CFM - "Face In The Mirror" CD '06 (Rockadrome, US) - “The subject of favourite guitarists is a funny thing. Funny as in ‘Well, I've actually never played guitar before, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?’ Well, no but funny as in how hard a thing is it to decide. I mean, there are some players that pretty much define a particular genre for me. For example, as far as pure metal guitarists go, Akira Takasaki (Loudness, Lazy, etc.) is pretty much ‘the man’ for me. There are other great ones for sure, but if I'm putting down my last dollar on the best metal guitarist of all time, it's gonna be Akira. Same kinda thing goes for Celtic folk. Semi-local guy Zan McLeod is in charge there, for me. Again, plenty of other hot players, but for that style, Zan's a slam dunk. When you talk about overall favourite guitarist, however, that's a lot more complicated issue. How do you measure a metal player, a jazz player, a folk guy....? It's just not easy & it starts to get a little bit like a sports MVP vote. Except for the fact that I do have one. See, ever since I first heard the 1982 release by Chicago band Winterhawk, if there's a choice on one guitar player that I'd pick to listen to...period...it would be Jordan Macarus. On that record, in a space of about 40 minutes, Jordan pretty much explained to me through his playing that there were about 1,000,000 more emotions and feelings that one could evoke thru the 6-string musical medium than I'd ever thought possible. It's not that Winterhawk's ‘Revival’ record contains the fastest picking in the world, or the heaviest tone. No, it's just a soaring testimony about one man's writing & playing ability that, even though hard rock, has not been approached in any genre I've heard. Now, some years and other efforts down the line, Jordan Macarus has issued this ‘Face In The Mirror’ disc under the CFM monicker and let's just say, my opinion of him has not changed one iota. Here you won't find the blazing, high-pitched Rush/Triumph-inspired hard rock that was Winterhawk's forte. Instead, you're greeted by a man who's writing has taken a wonderfully personal introspective turn both musically & lyrically. On this CD, Macarus delivers songs that surely do rock but in a different sense. We have our senses filled by numbers borne on winds of open-air chords, spinning the musical feel of the heartland into a web of beauty from a guitar player who truly speaks the instrument's language. The core of players joining Jordan in this masterpiece are some of Illinois' most highly-regarded musicians: Bobby Scumaci & Mark Ott from the Dave Mason Band, Geoffrey Lowe, Steve Brown and Brian Faulkner. Together they roll effortlessly through awesome songs like ‘The Doorway,’ ‘Nowhere Man’ & ‘Coyote.’ These are first and foremost songs, which Jordan augments deftly with his lyrical guitarwork that can range from sweet and melodic to angular and aggressive, depending on the mood. The open-air chords give a super-organic breathing space to the numbers, allowing them to grow in your mind like a flourishing wheat field. In all, this album is simply fantastic, and not only for the guitar afficianados out there. This is a winner for everybody!”
- (Ray Dorsey, Enlightened Chaos)

Jordan Guitar Reviews

"He's one of those few guitarists that make those strings truly come alive."Chicago Music Scene

"I have never heard a person who can combine both technical ability and sheer, raw feeling the way this guy can. No words can describe it, you must hear!" - Chaos Realm

I have never heard anyone who played the electric guitar like Jordan Macarus... I do not think I will ever hear anything like that again, even in the afterlife... It is almost eerie to hear how beautifully melodic and natural the licks flow from that Stratocaster…Macarus starts to play, plays himself into this dreamed freedom of solitude, almost flees from one amazing solo to another, towards an horizon that most of us will never see or feel... the Strat-Wizard/Guitar God (take your pick) performs in Chicago clubs and coffee houses on a regular basis.”- Oliver Kerkdijk
(1999/English translation of a German-language review on the Sacred Metal-Page)

Winterhawk “There and Back Again”Reviews

Winterhawk "There and Back Again" –“Jordan Macarus deals out solo after solo of some of the hottest fretwork I've ever laid ears on! The guitar work is stunning, the songs are perfect and bring to mind the twin lead styling of Wishbone Ash and even in parts reminds of a what a 70's version Iron Maiden might have been”- (Shroom Records)

There and Back Again (Winterhawk) The Holy Ferret, Treehouse of Death - “His style at times recalls the neo-classicalisms (is that a word?) of Ritchie Blackmore, but with the emotional discipline of Eric Clapton. I should stress the word discipline, for there really is no other word to describe Jordan Macarus. His solos never feel self indulgent, rather they are firmly integrated into the songs themselves…You get over an hour of some of the finest live guitar music ever recorded. Ever so occasionally an album comes along that leaves you so utterly gob-smacked you really don’t know what else to say about it. Ladies and gents, such an occasion is indeed upon us…”

“Wind from the Sun” Reviews

WINTERHAWK - "Wind From The Sun" CD '03 (Monster, US) -“Jordan is a guy from Illinois who, with the release of one solitary album in 1982 by his band WINTERHAWK, basically blew up any list of guitar heroes I'd ever concocted. Combining the sweet Strat sound of vintage Blackmore and the hard-edged exploratory vibe of Steve Morse, he infused that into the "Revival" album and produced a mammoth hard rock epic that staggered my imagination to the point of making it my favorite obscure record of all time. How wonderful it is, then, to receive this "Wind From The Sun" CD from Monster Records. It is a superb chronicle of Jordan's work during the last several years and man, does it ever stand up to the test…I've gotta say that Jordan's throaty mid-range has started going down real easy on the cuts he sings here, especially on the very cool "Dreamerhood" who's 6 minutes arises near the end of the disc, and another of my favorites "Fire On The Runway. As with "Revival," it is not only Jordan's magnificent, lyrical guitar work that blows me away here, but his ability to write songs that span such a wide variety of styles and doing so in a cohesive manner. Just listen to "Spiral, The Lens Maker," "Day Two in Paradise" or "Hercules Dances on the Jagged Edge." This is writing of the highest order. Still, the one that nails me the hardest is the leading track, the title cut. Weighing in at a hefty 14:24 it is not only an instrumental of panoramic vistas, but Jordan's explanation of its basis on an Arthur C. Clarke story (a favorite sci-fi writer of mine) only hammers its impact home. It is just so great to me, having such a love for the "Revival" album, to see the name WINTERHAWK on an awesome new release now and the best news of all? Jordan has taken to start playing live shows in the Chicago area under this legendary name again in 2004. Long may the 'HAWK fly!!!!!!!!!–(Ray Dorsey, Enlightened Chaos)

Winterhawk “Wind from the Sun” - “Headbanded, Samson-haired, war-painted, bare-chested, myth-obsessed north Illinois Strat enigma Jordan Macarus…even does a song about Hercules…("Much of this music is best suited for intergalactic canoeing") and lines about riding to the midnight sun affirm the absolute Icarus-rock majesty: awe-inspiringly fluid space-gurgle tapestries like you wouldn't believe, rocking the mellow yet heavy like "Closer to Home" by Grand Funk. Not to mention stretched out on the hammock like Macarus has all the time in the world, which he does, seeing how the opening cut lasts 14:24, during which its lushness takes plenty of detours, yet stays too body-consciously grounded and humble to freeze into mere prog. (Progressive rock) –Village Voice

“Balancing Act” Reviews

Jordan Macarus - "Balancing Act" CD (from Chaos Realm - USA) -“Jordan has been my ultimate guitar player, in any genre of music, ever since I heard the monolithic Winterhawk LP of 1982. Here, Mr. Macarus keeps that role more than alive with a sterling set of nine cuts. His throaty vocals convey more emotion than most operatic singers do and his guitar work is devastating. I have never heard a person who can combine both technical ability and sheer, raw feeling the way this guy can. No words can describe it, you must hear!”

Jordan Macarus - "Balancing Act" CD (from Edge of Time - Europe) -Spine chilling, and the fact some of the songs were partly recorded live makes it even more jaw awe-inspiring.
It certainly tranquilizes the agony of the wait for long-planned Winterhawk live album.”

Jordan Macarus - "Balancing Act" CD (from Chicago-Music-Scene.com) -“It's the music that truly shines on the album. With Jordan's guitar backed up by some impressive players, the tracks have a quiet intensity that can't be ignored.”- (Reviewed By Eric J. Olsen)

Winterhawk “Revival” Reviews

Revival (Winterhawk) The Holy Ferret, Treehouse of Death –“From Clapton to Dimebag, I’ve heard a lot of good guitarists, but Winterhawk’s main axeman Jordan Macarus is uncanny. I’ve honestly never heard a guitar player with this much emotion in his sound outside of blues, yet he can shred as good as KK Downing or Glenn Tipton…”

WINTERHAWK - "Revival" CD - “This is a brilliant album that will please every fan of heavy rock out there. Highly recommended.”- (from GL Productions - Sweden)

Winterhawk - "Revival" voted best of 1999

It has just come to my attention that the Winterhawk - "Revival" re-release of 1999 was voted to the list of "Best of 1999" in the German webzine SACRED METAL.”

Winterhawk “His style is so fluid, smooth and melodic that already, a cloud forms over your once-etched-in-stone list of favorite guitarists…Winterhawk transcend the words passion and melody…I always thought it would be very difficult for me to say that any one album in the greatest ever recorded. I am, however, 100% confident in lauding Winterhawk's "Revival" with that praise and if I could take any single record with me to a desert island, this would be it. Magnificent”- Ray Dorsey (Enlightened Chaos)

Winterhawk - "Revival" CD (from Steel Conjuring #3 - Greece)

Having to deal with this sacred album, I really would not like to write much, ‘cause no matter what I write it’s not going to do justice to the musical content of this masterpiece…This is music poetry to say the least! Macarus is a genius. For sure one of the most inventive guitar players of all time. What differentiates him from many other hard rock guitar players is that he uses his guitar like a wizard his spells. He casts them to the listener and spreads dopes of magic with his flawless playing.”- (-Manos Koufakis)